08.04.20 Isle of Wight County, Southampton County, Surry County Tax Sale

08.04.20 IOW, SHC, Surry Tax Sale

08.04.20 Isle of Wight County, Southampton County, Surry County Tax Sale featuring 12 parcels of real estate up for public auction, will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn at 100 E. Constance Rd, Suffolk Va 23434. This auction will take place immediately after the Suffolk Tax Sale. Registration for this sale will begin at 10:00AM. You can register online via our website at www.VaAuctionCo.com or in person at the sale. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 757-538-0123.

The terms of sale shall be cash, or a down payment to be deposited by theSpecial Commissioner at the offices ofDavid, Kamp & Frank, L.L.C. to the Isle of Wight County Circuit Court Clerk or the Southampton County CircuitCourt Clerk or the Surry County Circuit Court Clerk of not less than 20% of the successful bid price by cash orcertified check at the time of sale, with the balance due in ten days, also by cash or certified check and no bond shallbe required of the Special Commissioner. High bids of$3,000.00 or less require full payment at the auction. The said Property shall be sold, pursuant to Va. Code§58.1-3967,et seq., free of all claims of any creditor, person or entity as provided therein, and sold “as is”, in grossand not by the acre, and without any warranty or representations of any kind whatsoever regarding, withoutlimitation, restrictions, conditions, easements, liens or encumbrances, possible rights of parties in possession,encroachments, overlaps, gaps and gores, deficiency in quantity, all questions of boundaries, location and acreagewhich a current and accurate survey would disclose, roadways, environmental and wetland matters, unrecordedeasements, matters which would be disclosed by an inspection of the premises, or any other matter of record or notof record.AUCTION ATTENDEES & BIDDERS ARE REQUIRED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE ANDTO WEAR FACE COVERINGOVER BOTH THE NOSE AND MOUTH AND TO PRACTICE SOCIALDISTANCING AT THE AUCTION.